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1118 Klal 57 Siman 2 Order of Brachos 3 Defining Chashivus 2 Specificity

D'var Halacha
D'var Halacha
1118 Klal 57 Siman 2 Order of Brachos 3 Defining Chashivus 2 Specificity

1118 Klal 57 Siman 2: Order of Brachos 3 – Defining Chashivus 2: Specificity


We are continuing in siman 2. The Chayei Adam began the siman by stating that one of the indicators of chashivus is whether an item was of the shivas haminim. We explained that significance of chashivus in terms of the order of brachos is understood as similar to the significance of buying a beautiful esrog, in that there is a hiddur in the mitzvah of making a bracha when the bracha is made on a more chashuv item. 


The second indicator for determining chashivus is the specificity of the bracha itself. One may have thought that the bracha of shehakol ni’hiyeh bidvaro would be considered the most chashuv bracha, as it is a statement of Hashem’s power and grandeur. However, Chazal understood that one of the ways in which Hashem takes care of us is by giving us specific and unique food items so that we should better enjoy this world. The purpose of these brachos is to express our appreciation for Hashem’s care and concern for every little detail in our lives. This appreciation is best demonstrated through the specificity of the bracha, as opposed to making a general statement.

Therefore, the Chayei Adam writes that the more mevoreres (specific) the bracha, the more chashuv it is, as it is a greater demonstration of Hashem’s hashgacha in this world. The Chayei Adam lists the order of specificity as hamotzi, mezonos, hagefen, ha’eitz and ha’adama, and finally shehakol. We will learn later whether there is a difference in specificity between ha’eitz and ha’adama or not.


The final indicator is the order of the shivas haminim themselves. The closer the species is written to the word ‘eretz’, the greater its chashivus. We will clarify this order further, be’ezras Hashem.



The considerations for chashuv include:

  1. One of the shivas haminim
  2. The specificity of the bracha
    1. The order of specificity is hamotzi, mezonos, hagefen, ha’eitz and ha’adama, and shehakol 
  3. The placement of the shivas haminim in the pasuk


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