This website is dedicated L’ilui Nishmas R’ Shmuel Yitzchak ben R’ Moshe A”H ר’ שמואל יצחק בן ר’ משה ע”ה
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The Dvar Halacha Yomi is a 5-minute shiur geared to prepare you for Halacha Lemaaseh.

The Chayei Adam is used as the base for the shiur but Rabbi Reingold draws from a wide variety of contemporary Poskim such as the Mishna Berura, Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, Rav Elyashiv and more.

The underpinning logic of the Halacha being discussed is clearly explained along with the practical applications to daily life.

Rabbi Reingold also breaks from the Chayai Adam to prepare his audience for upcoming Moadim.

Written Transcription

Of The Shiur:

The email comes with a clearly written transcription of the shiur which includes summaries and conclusions of the Halachos discussed.
If you do not have time to listen to the shiur the written transcription is an excellent tool to educate yourself.

Text of the

Chayai Adam

Aside from the Halacha Lemaaseh benefit gained from the shiur, one also gets a chance to work through Shulchan Aruch (Or Hachaim) inside using a primary text. The daily email includes the text of the Chayai Adam. It is not essential to the shiur to follow inside, but if one would like a guided Halacha limud this is an excellent opportunity.

Finally, a good way to incorporate learning Halacha into your daily life.


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