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1121 Klal 57 Siman 4: Order of Brachos 6 – Items Which Have Two Brachos 1

D'var Halacha
D'var Halacha
1121 Klal 57 Siman 4: Order of Brachos 6 - Items Which Have Two Brachos 1

We are beginning siman 4. Many people grow up under the impression that the proper order in which to recite brachos includes making haeitz before haadama. However, many poskim assume that the specificity of haeitz and haadama are the same, and there is no order to them.

In Siman 211, the Shulchan Aruch presents two opinions on this halacha. First, he brings an opinion without attribution which holds that there is no difference between haeitz and haadama,. Then, he brings a yeish omerim (“there are those who say”) which holds haeitz precedes haadama. The general rule in Shulchan Aruch is that when an opinion is brought without attribution and then followed by an opinion attributed to one person, the halacha is in accordance with the first opinion, as the lack of attribution indicates it is the general consensus of halachic authorities.

The Chayei Adam concurs with the approach of the Shulchan Aruch, and holds there is no difference in specificity between haeitz and haadama. Thus, when all considerations are equal, one could do as they please. 

However, are there other considerations one must take into account, such as being one of the shivas haminim, chaviv, size, and whether it is whole (the latter two we will discuss later)? The question centers around whether these considerations are only advantages when making one bracha, and making sure that the bracha is made in the most chashuv manner, or whether those advantages will be reason for an entire bracha to precede another bracha.

Either way, this question is only relevant between haeitz and haadama, because in any other case, the specificity of the brachos in question will determine their order.

The Chayei Adam writes that in such a case, there is no advantage of the haeitz over the haadama, even if the haeitz food is of the shivas haminim, and even if the haeitz is chaviv. He explains that this is so because once a person has to make two brachos anyways, there is no advantage to making one bracha before the other, as we explained above. However, the Chayei Adam writes that this is only the opinion of the Rosh, and brings another opinion which we will learn more about in the next shiur, be’ezras Hashem.


  • The Chayei Adam holds that there is no difference in specificity between haeitz and haadama in any situation, so one can make them in whichever order they please.
  • All of the other considerations for precedence do not apply when one is saying two Brachos. We will learn about a differing opinion tomorrow. 

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