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1163 Klal 60 Siman 2: Extending Brachos 5 – Less Choshuv to More Choshuv

D'var Halacha
D'var Halacha
1163 Klal 60 Siman 2: Extending Brachos 5 - Less Choshuv to More Choshuv

 We are beginning siman 2. If one makes a bracha on a less choshuv fruit, and then a new, more choshuv fruit is brought out, the Chayei Adam writes that one must have had intent at the time of the bracha to include the second item. If they did not have intent, they will need to make a new bracha on the second item, even if the second item was in front of them at the time of the bracha. The Chayei Adam explains that this is known as g’reirah (lit., dragging). Generally, the primary effect of a bracha is on the first item consumed after making the bracha. Once a bracha takes effect, g’reirah teaches that it can be extended to other items. However, it can only be extended to items which are of equal or lesser chashivus, because, as the Chayei Adam writes, “it is not proper for a less choshuv item to just shlep along a more choshuv item”. However, if one has explicit daas at the time of their bracha for the more choshuv item, it will be covered.  

A common scenario where this halacha plays out is mezonos. There are two types of mezonos, pas habaah b’kisnin (cakes, cookies, crackers, etc.) and ma’aseh kedeirah (such as noodles and pasta. If one begins their meal with a maaseh kedeirah, and has pas habaah b’kisnin at the end of their meal, the Shulchan Aruch Harav holds that their original bracha will not cover the pas habaah b’kisnin unless they had specific daas at the time of their bracha. Although we will learn that there may be other halachic considerations in this situation, this example illustrates the concept of g’reirah (that brachos transfer to other foods indirectly by being shlepped along, and that doesn’t work for more choshuv items) 

According to all opinions, if one makes a mezonos on rice, it will not cover items made from the five grains, unless one has specific intent at the time of the bracha


  • G’reirah teaches that one’s bracha will not cover an item more choshuv than the first item eaten, unless one has specific daas at the time of their bracha to include it.
    • A common application of this halacha is between rice and items made of the five grains.

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