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1144 Klal 59 Siman 7-8: Shinui Makom 8 – Decision to End the Meal

D'var Halacha
D'var Halacha
1144 Klal 59 Siman 7-8: Shinui Makom 8 - Decision to End the Meal

 We are beginning siman 7. The Chayei Adam connects between the halachos of shinui makom and hesech hadaas. A hesech hadaas is a decision made on the part of a person to stop eating. By doing so, they have ended their eating session, and, in many cases, require a new bracha should they wish to continue to eat. 

The Chayei Adam connects hesech hadaas to shinui makom by qualifying that the situations we have learned until now where one does not need to make a new bracha if they left their original makom only apply when the person had not created a hesech hadaas by deciding they were finished eating when they moved. If the act of leaving was because the person decided that he was finished with his meal, they would require a new bracha rishona regardless of whether they had done a shinui makom.

 In siman 8, the Chayei Adam discusses someone who stopped eating under the impression that they had to go somewhere or do something, and then found out it was unnecessary and they could continue eating. Even though their hesech hadaas was not of their own volition, but due to a mistaken external circumstance, since they truly decided to end the meal, they must make a new bracha rishona before continuing to eat. 


  • The situations in which one is not considered to have created a shinui makom and can continue eating without a new bracha rishona assume that one has not created a hesech hadaas in the process.
  • If someone stopped eating due to an external circumstance and not of their own volition, even if the external circumstance disappears and they can continue eating, they must make a new bracha rishona.

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