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1151 Klal 59 Siman 12: Shinui Makom 15 – Traveling 3

D'var Halacha
D'var Halacha
1151 Klal 59 Siman 12: Shinui Makom 15 - Traveling 3

 We are continuing in siman 12. If a person was eating on the ground, and is offered a ride in a wagon, the Chayei Adam writes that they would need to make a new bracha. The Chayei Adam adds that it could be that even if they had daas to move to the wagon at the time of the bracha, they would still need to make a new bracha, but he is not certain, and suggests that one avoid the situation.

The Shaar Hatziyun (178 sk 38) writes that one does not need to be machmir, and can rely on daas they had at the time of their bracha. The assumption of the poskim is in accordance with the Mishnah Berurah, so if one has daas at the time of their bracha, they can move from the ground to a car.

If one has the opposite situation, in that they began in the car and would like to move outside, the argument can be made that since the car can be considered a makom, moving outside may be a shinui makom. That would seem to be the opinion of the Chayei Adam, and possibly ther Mishnah Berurah. However, Rav Elyashiv zt”l held it is not considered a shinui makom, because a car is not considered permanent enough of a makom that leaving the car would be considered a shinui makom. Other poskim disagree, but one can rely on Rav Elyashiv. Thus, if one made a bracha in the car, and stops to fill up gas or to use the restroom, they would not need to make a new bracha when they return to their car.


  • If one moves from the outdoors to their car, they do not need to make a new bracha rishona, provided they had daas at the time of their original bracha that they would be moving.
  • If one moves from their car to the outdoors, they do not need to make a new bracha.

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