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Dosh 18 – Squeezing Pickled or Cooked Foods 8 – Sucking 2 (Klal 14 Siman 7) Hilchos Shabbos – S0380

D'var Halacha
D'var Halacha
Dosh 18 - Squeezing Pickled or Cooked Foods 8 - Sucking 2 (Klal 14 Siman 7) Hilchos Shabbos - S0380
  Sponsorships for the upcoming Klalim, which discuss the 39 melachos of Shabbos, are available. Please contact Rabbi Reingold for more information at or 301.996.5910   We have learned siman 7, where the Chayei Adam discussed extraction of liquid by sucking the liquid directly from the fruit. There are three categories to which this question applies. The first is olives and grapes, where we need to entertain the possible issur deoraysa. The second category is shar peiros, and the third is shelakim, kevashos and other similar items.   We learned from the Shibbolei Haleket (shiur s379) that there are various heterim for why extraction through sucking should be muttar, all of which were based on the idea that the liquid does not convert from food to mashkeh when it is extracted in this manner. If so, it stands to reason that if there are cases where it would not be muttar, they are cases in which the liquid already had the status of mashkeh before the extraction took place. According to the opinion that a liquid which goes into a food maintains its status as a mashkeh, there will be no difference regarding how the liquid is extracted, and it will be a form of dosh. Thus, we return to the two opinions which the Chayei Adam brought at the beginning of siman 5 (shiur s373), regarding whether the liquids absorbed in a food (by kevashim, meat, etc) maintain their status of mashkeh or lose it when absorbed into the food item.   Over here, the Chayei Adam is machmir. He writes that when it comes to sucking liquid from a food, some are machmir due to the concern for the possible issur deoraysa, as mentioned in siman 5. The Chayei Adam adds that the Elya Rabba differentiates between grapes and olives, where one should be machmir, and other items, where one can be meikil. The Mishnah Berurah paskens in accordance with the Elya Rabba regarding shaar peiros versus olives and grapes. The Piskei Mishnah Berurah adds that this discussion only applies to when the food item is outside of one’s mouth, and the person is sucking the liquid into their mouth. If the food item is inside the person’s mouth, it is muttar to suck out the liquid in any case, according to all opinions (see shiur s0379).    Regarding other items, such as shelakos and soaked bread, it seems that the Chayei Adam paskens it has the same status as shaar peiros, and would be muttar, but we will need to discuss it further.   The Magen Avraham raises another heter for sucking based on the concept of derech achila. We find that other melachos are muttar if they are performed as part of the derech achila, and the question is whether it applies to dosh and sechita as well. To understand this question, we need to discuss the heter of derech achila, and how it is learned from the melacha of borer. We will discuss these points in the upcoming shiur, be’ezras Hashem    Summary
  • One can suck the natural liquids of a food into their mouth from outside of their mouth. It is appropriate to be machmir on grapes and olives. All opinions agree that one can susk any item which is within a person’s mouth.

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