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Eating on Shabbos When Detrimental; 100 Brachos (Klal 7 Siman 6-7) Hilchos Shabbos – S0210

D'var Halacha
D'var Halacha
Eating on Shabbos When Detrimental; 100 Brachos (Klal 7 Siman 6-7) Hilchos Shabbos - S0210
  The current series, which will cover seudos Shabbos and fasting on Shabbos, is available for sponsorship. Please contact Rabbi Reingold for more information.   We are beginning siman 6. The Chayei Adam writes that although there is a mitzvah to eat on Shabbos, if it causes a person discomfort or is detrimental, they are exempt. The Mishnah Berurah points out that if a person is minimally able to eat a kezayis, they should at least eat that. Similarly, people who have limited diets, for whatever reason, are not chayav to eat beyond their diets.    In siman 7, the Chayei Adam writes that it is a mitzvah to increase fruits, delicacies, snacks and besamim. The obvious reason is oneg Shabbos, but it is also for the purpose of reaching 100 brachos. The Gemara in Menachos tells us that David Hamelech instituted that every Jew should recite 100 brachos a day, due to an incident which occured during his time. During the week, the three weekday shemoneh esreis consist of 19 brachos apiece, so it is easier to reach 100. On Shabbos, since we only have 7 brachos per shemoneh esrei, reaching 100 brachos can be more of a challenge. The Chayei Adam gives us a calculation of how one can reach 100 brachos on Shabbos;  
Birchos Kriyas Shema 4
Shemoneh Esrei (maariv) 7
Kiddush (Friday Night) 2
Netilas yadayim and hamotzi 2
birchas hamazon 4
Birchas Hamazon on a kos (the Chofetz Chaim assumes one will bench with a kos and recite al hagefen after; we will not include it in our count) (2)
hamapil 1
(interim total) (20)
Al netilas yadayim, asher yatzar, elokai neshama 3
Birchos hatorah 2
tallis 1
Birchos hashachar 15
Mekadeish es shimcha 1
Pesukei dezimra 2
Birchos shema 3
Shemoneh esrei (shachris) 7
(Interim total) (54)
Shemoneh esrei (mussaf) 7
kiddush 1
Netilas yadayim and hamotzi 2
Birchas hamazon 4
Shemoneh esrei (mincha) 7
(interim total) (75)
Netilas yadayim, hamotzi for seudah shlishis 2
Birchas hamazon 4
total 81
  Although there are other brachos that may be added, such as birchas hamazon on a kos, getting an aliyah, or asher yatzar, one will clearly need to supplement their brachos to reach 100. Therefore, the Chayei Adam writes to add brachos of haeitz, ha’adama, shehakol, besamim and so on in order to reach a total of 100.   Summary A person should not eat extra on Shabbos if it will be detrimental to their health or diet. It is a mitzvah to increase snacks and delicacies on Shabbos, both for the oneg Shabbos and in order to reach 100 brachos.  

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