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Kiddush B’mokom Seudah 2 – Sukkah 1; Netilas Yadayim (Klal 6 Siman 21) Hilchos Shabbos – S0178

D'var Halacha
D'var Halacha
Kiddush B’mokom Seudah 2 - Sukkah 1; Netilas Yadayim (Klal 6 Siman 21) Hilchos Shabbos - S0178
  The current series, which will cover Maariv on Friday night and Kiddush, is available for sponsorship. Please contact Rabbi Reingold for more information.   We have finished siman 20, which discussed the definition of makom as it regards kiddush b’mokom seudah. The Chayei Adam will discuss which foods qualify as creating a seudah in siman 22. Seeing that we are approaching Sukkos, there are some unique questions of kiddush b’mokom seudah which apply to Sukkos.   One question regards making kiddush in the same room as which one plans to eat, but leaving in between. As we have learned, this scenario creates a problem of kiddush b’mokom seudah. If the Sukkah is immediately adjacent to the house, the Sukkah is considered another room of the house. If so, it is considered going from one room to another within the same building, which we learned in muttar provided one had intention for the move during kiddush.   If the Sukkah is not adjacent to the home, we consider it as though the person is going from building to building, and we learned that, according to the Chayei Adam, intent does not work even bedieved. If so, it would seem impossible to leave the sukkah to wash for hamotzi.    There are a few solutions to this problem. One is that everyone in the Sukkah should have their “seudah” immediately after kiddush, by being yotzei kiddush b’mokom seudah through wine or other mezonos. Another possibility is that everyone washes before kiddush, as we have discussed previously. Even if one does not follow this minhag the whole year, it should be considered during Sukkos. The person making kiddush should wash beforehand as well. It is not considered a hefsek between washing and hamotzi, since kiddush is a necessary part of the seudah. A third solution is to put a washing station inside the sukkah or immediately outside, such that one can still see the place of kiddush from the washing station, as we have discussed. Lastly, according to the Mishnah Berurah, it is acceptable to have intent when making kiddush that one will be moving from one makom to another, so that would solve the problem. However, it is questionable whether to rely on the MIshnah Berurah’s opinion.   Another issue of kiddush b’mokom seudah occurs where one makes kiddush in the sukkah, but then it begins to rain. They wer e planning to eat in the sukkah, so did not have intent to move inside (so even according to the Mishnah Berurah we have a problem), and they did not eat mezonos or enough wine in the sukkah before it began raining. In this situation, even if the sukkah is adjacent to the home, it is a problem of kiddush b’mokom seudah, because they did not have intent to eat in the house. They would need to repeat kiddush. The same would be true vice versa, if they made kiddush in the house and then realized it stopped raining. We will discuss this more in the next shiur.    Summary
  • To avoid the issue of kiddush b’mokom seudah in a sukkah, if the sukkah is adjacent, one just needs to have intent to return inside to wash during kiddush.
  • If the sukkah is not adjacent:
    • One should have their “seudah” of wine or mezonos immediately after kiddush;
    • One should wash before kiddush;
    • A washing station should be placed inside or adjacent to the sukkah in a way that the original makom of kiddush is visible from the washing station.
    • The Mishnah Berurah holds one can have intent during kiddush; preferably one should not rely on the Mishnah Berurah.
  • If it begins to rain after making kiddush, and the seudah is moved inside, if they did not have a “seudah” of mezonos or wine before moving inside, kiddush should be repeated inside. The same is true in the opposite case. We will discuss this further. 

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