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1153 Klal 59 Siman 15: Shinui Makom 17 – Bracha Achrona B’Mekomo

D'var Halacha
D'var Halacha
1153 Klal 59 Siman 15: Shinui Makom 17 - Bracha Achrona B’Mekomo

 We are beginning siman 15. The Chayei Adam introduces the concept that one can create a k’vius makom so strong that a shinui makom will not undermine that k’vius. The Gemara discusses this concept as a machlokes between Rav Chisda and Rav Sheshes, and most Rishonim pasken in accordance with Rav Sheshes that there are scenarios in which a shinui makom does not undermine one’s k’vius. The scenarios in which this occurs are the situations in which one is obligated to return back to their original makom  if they left without reciting bracha achrona. Since one is obligated to return, we consider it as though they never fully left. This scenario can occur both when one wants to return to the original place and continue eating, and when one wants to continue eating elsewhere. 

It is clear from the Gemara that one must return to their original place for bread, and does not have to return for borei nefashos. There is a machlokes regarding shivas haminim, and further machlokes whether there is a difference between grain products and the other species (see shiur 1138). 

The Chayei Adam writes that due to the machlokes whether one must return for any of the shivas haminim if they effect a shinui makom, one will not make a new bracha rishona on any of them. The Chayei Adam paskens this way both if one wishes to resume eating in their original place, and if they wish to begin eating in a new place. However, it is not lechatchilla to do so, and one should try to avoid the situation.

The Chayei Adam adds that one does not make a new bracha rishona even if they were not part of a group (see shiur 1140) because the ability to continue eating in our case is not dependent on a group, but on the k’vius created by the food item consumed.


  • If one is eating bread or any of the shivas haminim, they do not make a new bracha rishona if they effect a shinui makom.

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