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Hadlakas Neiros 23 – Miscellaneous 2 (Klal 5 Siman 23) Erev Shabbos – S0150

The hadlakas neiros series is sponsored anonymously as a zechus for all those who need shidduchim. 
D'var Halacha
D'var Halacha
Hadlakas Neiros 23 - Miscellaneous 2 (Klal 5 Siman 23) Erev Shabbos - S0150

We would like to thank our sponsor for this series, who sponsored a total of 41 shiurim on the topic of tosefes Shabbos and hadlakas neiros. May this zechus of limmud HaTorah and tzedakah help those who need shidduchim , and stand as a zechus for him for sponsoring!! 

The next series, on the halachos of kiddush and the seudah, is available for sponsorship. All monies go to support Kollel Zichron Amram of YGW. Please contact Rabbi Reingold for further information.

We have finished Klal 5, and will touch on a few miscellaneous points not discussed by the Chayei Adam. 

4. The Mishnah Berurah mentions the idea that women daven and make bakashos when they light the neiros. It is based on the Gemara that says that one who is careful about neiros Shabbos, and bringing physical illumination into their home, will be zoche to children who will bring the light of Torah into the world. Therefore, the Mishnah Berurah points out that it is appropriate after lighting to daven for children who will bring the light of Torah to the world. Other bakashos can be added as well.

5. After one lights neiros Shabbos, preferably the neiros should not be touched. One may technically use the neiros which are already lit to light other neiros. However, one should not use the neiros to light anything which is not a ner Shabbos. This includes using the neiros to light a match which will, in turn, be used to light other Shabbos neiros. It goes without saying that using the neiros to do something such as lighting a cigarette is assur (in addition to other inherent issues in smoking). Additionally, since we preferably do not move the neiros (S0142), it is preferable to obtain the fire from elsewhere. 

6. On the other hand, it is muttar to use the neiros for one’s personal uses, as the primary purpose of the neiros is to see and illuminate the home.

7. Regarding lighting with electricity, there are poskim who hold one can light electric lights and make a bracha (Rav Moshe, see shiur S0137), and poskim who hold that Chazal speak about wicks and oil, so it should be continued as such. Rav Shlomo Zalman differentiates that one may make a bracha on a battery powered light, because it has its own power source, so it is similar to a fuel source like oil. Something plugged into the wall does not have its own power source, so one cannot make a bracha on it. Other poskim do not make this distinction.

This machlokes does not have a final decision, so one should not make a bracha on any electric lights.

Nevertheless, one should include the electric lights in one’s hadlakah, since it is part of the mitzvah according to many poskim. 


  • It is proper for a woman to daven and make bakashos after lighting.

  • One should not use the neiros Shabbos to light other fires

  • One should not make a bracha on electric lights, but should include them in their hadlakas neiros.

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