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Hadlakas Neiros 24 – Miscellaneous 3 (Klal 5 Siman 23) Erev Shabbos – S0151

The hadlakas neiros series is sponsored anonymously as a zechus for all those who need shidduchim. 
D'var Halacha
D'var Halacha
Hadlakas Neiros 24 - Miscellaneous 3 (Klal 5 Siman 23) Erev Shabbos - S0151
We would like to thank our sponsor for this series, who sponsored a total of 41 shiurim on the topic of tosefes Shabbos and hadlakas neiros. May this zechus of limmud HaTorah and tzedakah help those who need shidduchim , and stand as a zechus for him for sponsoring!!  The next series, on the halachos of kiddush and the seudah, is available for sponsorship. All monies go to support Kollel Zichron Amram of YGW. Please contact Rabbi Reingold for further information.   We have finished Klal 5, and are adding additional miscellaneous points not discussed by the Chayei Adam.   
  1. Regarding the husband preparing the neiros, we learned (S0147) that it is not a halachic requirement, although there is such a minhag. The Mishnah Berurah quotes from the Arizal that it is appropriate for the husband to be involved in the preparation of the neiros. Preparation of the neiros is not only limited to prelighting them, but includes setting them up, purchasing them, or anything else. 
  1. In theory, if a woman is bedridden, the neiros could be brought to her to light and then moved to their place in the makom achila, since the entire house is one makom chiyuv (see shiur S0146). However, it is not recommended to do so, and if the woman is not able to leave bed, she is exempt from the mitzvah and it falls on the other members of the household. If she is not lighting, preferably her husband should light. 
  1. If a woman would like to light electric neiros, such as if she is in the hospital, we have learned (S0150) that it is appropriate to do so but not to make a bracha. Nevertheless, if she wishes to make a bracha, she has poskim to rely upon.
  1. We have learned that technically, one could light earlier in the day, even though it is still light out and there is not much benefit to the neiros, because there are still some types of benefit received (see S0145). This explains why we still light candles nowadays even though we have electric light.
  1. The Shulchan Aruch writes, in siman 264:6, that it is preferable to use olive oil for the neiros. If a person has a minhag to light with candles, the Shulchan Aruch writes that it is an acceptable minhag, but it is still preferable to light with olive oil.
  1. We learned about the concept of lighting the rov hayotzei (S0147-0148). However, it appears that many are not makpid on this concept. The Piskei Teshuvos, in siman 364:6, points out that many are not makpid, and suggests that since nowadays, the wicks and oils used are so good, there is not as strong of a concern. The concern for prelighting the neiros was so that they would catch and not go out, but nowadays we can be confident they light nicely. Nevertheless, Chazal explicitly state to prelight, and it is brought in the Shulchan Aruch, so it is appropriate to practice it.
  • It is appropriate for the husband to be involved in any of the preparations for the neiros.
  • If a woman is bedridden, although the neiros could technically be brought to her and returned to the makom achila, she is patur and it is more appropriate that the husband light instead
  • We still light candles nowadays, even though we have electric light, because there is still some level of benefit gained from the candles.
  • It is preferable to use olive oil for the neiros.
  • Many are not makpid on rov hayotzei. Although there may be explanations, it is appropriate to still practice it.

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